Discover Primary Science


Discover Primary Science & Maths Award

To date, we have received six ‘Discover Primary Science and Maths Awards’ .

We compiled a folder of all the science work that has been undertaken by the children in the school throughout the year.

All the strands of the Science curriculum were represented, as well as visitors to the school and visits the children made to some of the Discover primary science centres. We had fun while we learned. We look forward to lots more science activities in the future. Sincere thanks to all the teachers and parents who support the children each year.

Science / Open day

Our Science / Open day was a great success this year. Many of the children displayed their science experiments on the corridors and spent time explaining them to the classes. There was a very high standard and a great variety of ideas. Thanks to everyone who supported this event by encouraging the children to make an experiment and by coming to view them in the school.

The library was packed with hands on science activities and a great time was had by all!!! We had our Science Award folders on view also which is a record of the science work that has gone on in the school in the past six years. Our new iPads were on show and everyone enjoyed exploring the extensive range of APPs that are available on them.

April 2014 – Trip to the National History Museum

The two 5th classes went to visit the National History museum. They saw galleries of animals from Ireland and overseas, also geological exhibits from a total collection of about 2 million scientific specimens. They had a wonderful visit.

Greenwave: Weather watch.

As part of the greenwave project the 4th classes have been involved in measuring the rainfall and the wind speed for the past month. The children worked in pairs . Each morning they measured the rainfall by looking at the rain guage that was left in the patio area. On Fridays they measured the wind speed. The data was recorded and logged to the Greenwave website.

A Visit to St Enda’s Park : March 2014

The 2nd classes went on a nature walk to St Enda’s Park. They were looking at the ‘Horse Chestnut Tree’ . They worked on the Nature Trail in groups of 3. They made bark rubbings. They met Phil who looks after the Nature Centre. She talked to them about the Horse Chestnut tree. They learned that conkers were used during the War to make gunpowder. They were also used as a cure for horses when they were sick.

Engineering Week 2014

As part of Engineer’s week, we had a visit from Brian O’Mahony, an engineer from our area who works with the E.S.B. He spoke to the two 4th classes about the work engineers do in Ireland and across the globe. The children enjoyed the powerpoint presentation . They designed and made aeroplanes and had the opportunity to win t-shirts. A great combination of both Learning and Fun !